Where do I begin? My story is simple, there isn't anything a person cannot do. I was born in Camden, NJ but raised in Philadelphia by my mother. She always said I had great artistic abilities and I was multi-faceted with talent. 😊 Throughout my childhood years I always found myself creating something. Whether it was fashion design, food or poetry I stayed inspired!
By age 21 I was left blind by an incident and retired from the US Army at age 22. However, being without eyesight does not mean being without a Vision, Purpose or Goals!! 
Within the past two years my love of creativity has led me to create my very own line of natural skin care products. The name of each collection is inspired by the women and men of my family. I have formulated and created each line with their energy, love, and personalities in mind.
I am a consumer first, Entrepreneur second. I purchase all sorts of natural body care products for myself, so I questioned why can’t I do this? Or better yet when am I going to start? I have never considered myself to be “disabled “, I am just a visionary who constantly loves to be in a creative mood!
This body care line has been my absolute heart’s desire! From our natural Shea butter base, along with our orchestrated blend of all-natural oils and fragrances combined create the perfect foundation and platform for your skin to glow, thrive, and be its absolute best! My goals and hopes are that you love, enjoy, and are happy with the purchases you have made with my products! 😊
I want to thank you wholeheartedly for listening to my story, visiting my site, and making a purchase as you see fit!